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Our aim is to get people out there bouldering, to venues all over the UK and Ireland, including those obscure places you never knew existed. With a lot of help from other guide writers and activists, this site has been made possible, many thanks.

The database shows you on a google map many areas in the UK and Ireland. All you have to do is click on the icons and the area will zoom in, a lot of locations have parking icons if you zoom out a bit and click on these you will get directions.

Any markers in red will have a link or a topo and sometimes a printed guide available. Some will have a small fee and some will be free. We hope you enjoy any guides used on this website.

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I cannot believe it, the only rock on the beach and it's a nudist section! Not pretty, I'll be giving that a miss

Featured Guide: North York Moors

North York Moors and East Coast Bouldering

North York Moors and East Coast Bouldering Buy Now: £24.00

This is the first fully dedicated bouldering guide to the whole of the North York Moors and its east coast. With over 2000 problems to suit all abilities, we have packed this guide full of colour photos and topos to showcase this secret and stunning landsca... more...

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  • Boston Tea Party

    It's been a while, the North York Moors guide has been printed and is due to be delivered on a pallet on Wednesday 17th of December. Guide launch dates are:

    • 18th December Rockcity, Hull 7.30pm
    • 22nd December Red Goat Climbing Wall, York 4.30pm
    • 27th December Rock Antics, Middlesbrough 2.00pm
    • TBA Harrogate Climbing Wall
    • 16th January CMC Climbing Club - Slide show and talk 8.00pm
    You are all welcome to come and I will be happy to answer any questions and give help and advice. Even though the guide is in print, we have developed even more venues which will be available in a PDF format at a later date. It's quite hard sometimes having a full time job and an even more full-on hobby, good job I love it. Wonder what's next... for 2015? Mike Adams and I have been busy over the last year working on the Magnesian Limestone guide 'Esoteric East'. This covers venues in-between the M1- A1 corridor. This has been a massive surprise to me - Mike has showed me some sublime rock and boulders hidden away so close to the urban landscape. Climbing is a form of escapism. Some of the venues that are in the next guide offer an urban escape in the middle of built up area; some on the edges of lost industries, others reclaimed by nature in historic valleys full of tales of royal revolution and the Wars of the Roses, so watch this space. We have had a positive response from passionate locals. I love hearing local historic tales, it's so good to see a positive attitude to a climbers affect on an area. One of the venues we have nearly finished is Boston Castle. This has fine red sandstone with quality problems from about 6a to possibly 8b, depending on whether Mike actually sticks the sloper?

    Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 20.34.08

    Set into the rockface is the doorway from Jesus College, founded by Thomas Rotherham in 1483.


    The old shooting lodge that is Boston Castle, the panoramic view from the top is a rare treat in the crisp winter clear skies.